What defines a bad date for you?

Or let’s put it this way: are you even aware that there is anything like bad dates

Let’s start from the first step. 

For most of us, a perfect date looks like spending some special romantic evenings with our partner probably in a cafe or watching one of our favorite shows. If you have started dating recently, it is very much the same except that we try to converse more so that we can know each other 


And a bad date is exactly the opposite of this idea. 

They are like those horror movies which come alive to your life. Both of you end up boring each other and end up realizing that you are not meant to be together. In worst cases, rather than painting the town red together, you end up leaving the same color on each other’s cheeks.

But, we have two great news for you.

One, bad dates are not a common phenomenon.

Two, you can avoid the remaining chances by choosing Eureka as your online dating app

Wondering what we mean? Get along as we explain the second point. 

1. Know Each Other Well

Unless the two people in a relationship know each other, there is no point of being in a relationship. Since Eureka only connects you with the people you already know in real life, this aspect is almost taken care of. However, sometimes, we fail to notice crucial details. After all, who has their senses in place when they are in front of the crush. 

Eureka’s upcoming comprehensive Profile feature helps you get informed on those hidden aspects. Moreover, once It’s a Match, you can converse using Eureka’s in-app communication dashboard. So, if you want to know them better, we have got your back. And that way you can save yourself from the bad dates

2. Don’t Take Your Instinct For Granted

Trust the dating expert if you have an intuition that something is not going to happen, it is not going to. Stop pushing things beyond a certain point no matter how desperately you want it to happen. While you follow them or talk to them before expressing, invest some time to know them better. It’s never wrong to analyze the other person to identify if they are worth your time or if you even share something common. 

In case you don’t get good vibes, run miles away, and never return. 

3. Talking Too Much About Yourself

You have a great life, but it is wise to realize that the other person also needs room to communicate. They, too, must have something they would want to bring to your notice or share with you. Allow them to take the lead sometimes. 

In case your love story is powered by Eureka, we assume that you have a detailed profile. Just like you  did an in-depth analysis of your crush’s profile, they obviously scanned your profile as well. Identify the common grounds of interest and use them to start a conversation. Ask about them and show interest as they talk. 

The Bottom Line

Bad dates, hurt. Like… really too much. 

We have a friend who gave as a present a spiritual book to his date on the first date. For someone (his crush) who loves anything but spiritual stuff, the gift was indeed a terrible choice. She still made peace with it. But once he went way too deep talking about the spiritual science, she simply got up and left. 

While he sits beside us sharing his story, he desperately wishes that he had an app like Eureka that time to help him. But you have the chance, so download the app from the marketplace and make the most of it.