MAYBE your LOVE is among your FRIENDS

Eureka is a unique platform that enables users to express love in a completely new and easy way! Empowered with a robust mobility solution and advanced discovery algorithm, Eureka helps users turn their crush into soulmates. If you either find it difficult or just don’t have the opportunity to approach your workplace or college or even best friend crush, Eureka is going to help you!

Express Your

Have a crush on someone among your contacts? Send a secret Like in a single tap.

Unveil Only After Match

Your affection is secret until feelings are mutual. That is, users are notified only when it is a Match.

Stay Safe from Spammers

By connecting with the people you know in real life, Eureka safeguards you against the random spammers.

Avoid Embarrassment

Get through the hesitation of opening up to your crush with Eureka.

College and Workplace Connections

Have a crush on your college mate or colleague? Express easily with Eureka.

Let Eureka Invite Your Friends

We can send an invitation on your behalf to any person in your contacts and have them onboard. Your identity will be kept secret!

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Sync your Contacts Automatically

Eureka automatically syncs to your phone’s address book and finds the contacts who are using Eureka. This can make finding your love with Eureka super easy. Besides, Eureka will automatically check new contacts to see if they have registered their phone numbers or emails with Eureka!

Invite Your Friends

Grow your Eureka friend list! You can invite some of your contacts using the app Invite Feature. Eureka can invite on your behalf any of your contacts with an email. Plus, your identity will be kept secret! So you can have your crush join Eureka or you can help your friends to find their love using this dating app.

Turn Your Crush Into Soulmate Or A Date...

Eureka intends to bring out your crush from your phone contacts into real life. Here understanding feelings or intentions of the other person can be intimidating. With Eureka you can connect with your crush over the application and express your love secretly. When the spell of love weaves in, and your crush expresses their feelings too, "the magical Eureka moment", as we call it, occurs. This is when your crush will know that you love them too!.

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Our Team

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Operations and Business Development Manager

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Senior Developer

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Thomas Gorman

Software Engineer

“Eureka is gaining popularity, and after using the app, I can certainly say why. One of my friends suggested this app to me while I was figuring out ways to open up to my office crush. Once you log in to the application, the flow is pretty smooth. I tapped on the "Love" icon, and after a few days, I realized my crush also liked me back. Now after multiple dates, I realized that Eureka took away the nervousness and embarrassment that I felt while approaching my crush.”

Elizabeth Scott

College Student

“Eureka is really fun and is enriched with all the essential features that help you to bring your crush from your dreams to real life. The most amazing thing about this app is its ability to safeguard you from spam. Unlike other dating platforms, you don’t get requests from creepy strangers. And that's how I found my love among my friends. Thanks Eureka for connecting us!”

David Wilson


“I am a busy person, Spending time dating strangers is not for me. I read about Eureka as one of the most used apps for dating people you already know. I downloaded Eureka on my phone and added a love affection for a colleague of mine I liked since a while. Can you imagine what I felt in two days when I got a match? With the help of Eureka, I was able to get in a relationship with my office crush!”

Emily Cooper

HR Manager

“Tod and I are colleagues. Though I always had his contact number, I couldn't find the courage to express my feelings or to invite him out. I heard about Eureka from a friend, and so I headed straight to the App Store to download it. It was effortless to sign up and then, luckily, I realized he also liked me on Eureka! And that's how our love story began. Thanks Eureka for connecting us!”

Amanda Collins


“I met my current boyfriend Stephen few months ago at the gym. After a friendly chat while we were working out, we exchanged our phone numbers. As our bonding got stronger, I fell in love with him!! However, the fear of rejection and losing friendship stopped me from opening up. I came across Eureka on one of the online platforms suggesting various dating apps and I downloaded it. I invited Stephen to download the app too and, just after a few hours, our Love on Eureka was mutual!! Thank you Eureka!”

Jane Duncan

Office Manager

“I really feel thankful to Eureka for bringing love in my life. I‘m a pretty shy person and I was facing tough time trying to open up to a friend I really liked. I found very positive Eureka reviews online. I downloaded the app and invited my friend. After thinking a lot, I finally tapped the "Love" button and realized the “Eureka moment” was already knocking at the door. If you are also shy, download Eureka right away!!”

Charles Taylor

Grad Student

“Eureka app is so simple, so easy to use. I downloaded Eureka when my college mate sent me an invitation. Just in one click, I showed affection to the girl I liked but I couldn’t ask for a date, although we were spending a lot of time together with other friends. In a couple of days, I got a match! Eureka helped me so much in starting a new amazing relationship! After that, I sent an invitation to all my friends because Eureka can make everyone life easier. Such a great app!”


Download Eureka for iOS and Android, or visit
Fill out your profile info (Name, Email and Phone Number).
Confirm your identity by entering the One-Time-Password received with Email and Text. Have fun with Eureka!!!

You can show affection to another Eureka User by tapping the Love Button present close to that User's Name.

A successful match is when two users show affection for each other.

No, you can show affection only for your contacts already on Eureka. However, you can let Eureka invite any of your contacts using the app Invite Feature. Your identity will be kept secret! Once the user is on board, you can express your affection using the Love Button.

Yes, Eureka ensures the safety and confidentiality of the information that you share with us. We do not share any of your information with anyone.

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