Winter holidays are always too quick to arrive, we are thinking that there is still plenty of time to buy a Christmas tree, decorate the house, bake cookies and buy presents. And then “Ooops”, it’s almost Christmas! How about forgetting about work for a little bit and making a winter holiday bucket list full of fun activities and things to do, either alone, or with friends, or with your soulmate! Start with preparations for the holidays in the early December, not only you will have plenty of time to prepare yourself but you will also start getting the spirit of holidays and Christmas! 

1. Attend a Tree Lightening Ceremony

Many cities and towns in the early December start lighting the Christmas tree. It is a good chance to wear your warmest attire, drink hot chocolate with other people and listen to holiday songs around the tree waiting for the flip of the switch. 

2. Get Your Pictures With Santa

Whether you have a child or you are still a child in your soul, why not? You can go to the closest shopping mall and get the picture with Santa Claus and his elves.  Memorialize a moment in time with a special picture, which you can later give as a gift to your family or close friends. 

3. Make a Homemade Gift

There is always something special in gifts that you can make by yourself. The endless ideas you can always find online, among them can be: photo frame with pressed flowers, cookies in a jar, or bath bombs and homemade candles.  There’s something very personal and meaningful about a gift that you took the time to make yourself.

4. Make a Gift to Someone in Need.

Christmas is all about giving and giving a gift to a person or child in need is one of the most rewarding things to do this holiday—a heartwarming addition to your Holiday bucket list! There are shops and businesses that have Christmas Angel trees, where the ornaments hung are wishes from children in need. Or find the shop where you can donate food for those who need it the most!

5. Spend an Evening Wrapping Presents

Wrapping present is a fun activity. Switch on your favorite holiday music, make a cup of hot cocoa and cover gifts in pretty paper. There are so many ideas how to make gifts especially beautiful and nice. 

6. Cook Gingerbread Cookies

Nothing reminds us Christmas is like the house filled with the smell of gingerbread and candles. You can bake cookies yourself or just buy a gingerbread cookie kit.  

7. Go Ice Skating

During holiday season, outdoor ice skating rinks start popping up—even in places with no snow! Put on a pair of blades and glide around the rink enjoying other people and music. 

8. Dress Up and Attend a Holiday Party

Parties during holidays are everywhere – in clubs, bars, cafes and even in shopping centers. Choose the one you like and go with your friends. Have fun and enjoy! 

9. Make a Check List With Good Habits.

Think about which habits you want to have every day  starting from the new year, like exercising, reading one new book per month, walking or volunteering more frequently. Create a list of things to do and check them up manually or with the help of mobile apps.

10. Start a New Tradition

New Year is a time to start something new, change bad habits and  set up goals. It can be anything you desire, maybe a wish to come true or just start exercising regularly. Anything can be that can make you happy. Or at last, express your feeling towards your friend that you like but afraid to tell. You can do it with Eureka app help and not get revealed unless your feelings are mutual! 

We hope this list of fun activities can help you to finish the year and start a new one more productively and effectively.  But anyway, even in difficult tasks, try to have fun!