The word that means “I’ve Found It.”

And for those who don’t know – the word was coined by the great Archimedes who ran naked on the streets after a history-changing discovery. With that, if you are planning to click that cross icon on the right most corner of this tab because you fear science, hang on.

It’s not about science basically. We are talking about discoveries here. Discoveries are amazing, and if it’s about the exploration of love, it’s the most priceless.

Finding love has always been as difficult as spotting the perfect avocado in the supermarket. Discovering it is a real pain in the neck, but once you find it, it’s priceless.

This is how the game-changing dating app, Eureka, got its concept. And here we are exploring its most important realm.

First Things First, Let’s Get to Know Eureka and Eureka Time!!!

Simply put, Eureka is a creative dating solution to kickstart your love life.

Let’s connect with the concept better using an example of how one of our friends found the best mate using Eureka.

Crushes are everywhere. Most of us have one. Often, we would come across an awesome colleague who makes our world go crazy. But expressing these feelings is not quite as frequent as spotting a crush. The same happened to our friend John.

He had a huge crush on his best friend. Kind of love that makes you blush and your atmosphere romantic. Despite his feelings, the fear of losing her friendship stopped him from opening up. He heard of Eureka on one of the review portals. Expecting a stroke of luck, he downloaded the app. The problem was, his love was not there on Eureka. So what to do next? He tapped the Invite icon, and soon she was onboard. The next step was to click the Heart icon present close to her username and wait for her to do the same! To his surprise, his crush won the race and expressed first. His happiness knew no bound. He rushed to her straight, and that’s how a happily-ever-after love story began. A perfect definition to

“Eureka Time”

In the easiest combination of words, it is the time when each of you finds a perfect match.

Eureka is tailored for:

  1. Introverts whose hearts skip a beat every time they see their crush but fail to speak up for it.
  2. Those who are up for dating but don’t want to get stressed with creepy messages from strangers
    Didn’t we tell you, your profile is open to the phone’s contacts only? Yeah, that’s how we ensure safety.”
  3. Those whose heartbeats start racing and they fall short of words every time their crush stands in front of them.
  4. Those who want to open up secretly and don’t want to lose the precious friendship of their love.

In short, we deliver your feelings straight to your love’s phone and come back only with an affirmative answer.

Eureka Moment There? What Next?

First of all, many congratulations. Not everyone is lucky to get this moment in their life. You have not only finally expressed it but also your crush loves you back. So after you are done celebrating, make sure you take up steps to maintain the spark in your relationship.

Giving them the time that they deserve, going out on dates, binge-watching stuff with them, and of course, lots and lots of conversations. May you have a great love life ahead.

Do share your “Eureka Stories with us!!!”