Eureka!”, the word comes from Greek and is used as an exclamation of triumph at a discovery. It was first used by Archimedes when, after a long study he discovered a method of detecting the amount of alloy mixed with the gold in the crown of the king of Syracuse. “Eureka!”, he cried with happiness!

However, here we are talking not about science, we are talking about discoveries. Amazing discoveries of love, of people we want to be with all our life.  Finding someone to love is just like finding everything else in life – it’s difficult until we master it. Once we decide to learn how to find love, there can be times it feels completely impossible. But remember, nothing is impossible until we do something and keep going!

Let us introduce “Eureka” – the game changing app to help you find your true love. Let’s explore a little bit more. 

Suppose you have a friend or a classmate or a person you like but you do not know how to tell them about your feelings. Quite common situation, isn’t it ? Because crushes are everywhere. And to express yourself can be intimidating and not as easy.

That is why we invented “Eureka” – an app that helps you to express your love without any embarrassment and fear. 

Matteo was in love with Julia, his classmate. But Julia seemed not to notice his warm feelings. Matteo as a shy person could not start a conversation with Julia. Once he found “Eureka” dating app in the app store, he downloaded it. The problem was that Julia was not yet using “Eureka” dating app. With the in-app feature, he invited her to join the app via email notification. The email was sent secretly. Julia did not know who invited her. After two days, he saw her on his friend list. With a beat in his heart, he tapped “Heart” button in front of her name. To his surprise, Julia did the same and their hearts met! His happiness had no boundaries, he opened the chat box and wrote: “Eureka! I have found you”. The perfect definition of “Eureka moment” – it is the time when each of you finds a perfect match.

You have had “Eureka” moment, what to do next? 

First of all, congratulations! You have made a huge step ahead! You expressed yourself and now there is no more fear. Now it’s time to know better each other, to have lots of conversations and time together. Keep going, learn how to sparkle the relationship, how to surprise your partner. Or simply just enjoy the company of the one you love, it is the most priceless moment!