While everyone does unhealthy stuff, we can all learn to love better and shift to better behavior. It is important to recognize warning signs in a relationship and not to ignore them. Otherwise, it can draw you down and even lead to abuse. There are several red flags which may indicate that your relationship isn’t going to work out. Of course, some are very obvious like cheating or violence, we are not discussing them. If you see it, try to tell someone and get help. Other warning signs may take time to notice but it does not mean you need to ignore them . All in all, everyone deserves to be happy and not trapped in an unhealthy partnership.

1. Lack of trust

Trust is the cornerstone in every relationship. With trust people feel safe, without it the stability is lost. At the basic, with trust we feel partners can relate on each other in every possible situation, it also allows us not to be afraid about our feelings and thoughts. Trust goes hand in hand with commitment. Only if you trust  your partner, you can commit your life to them. Partners who do not trust each other cannot feel secure. It is the first warning sign to talk about. 

2. Lack of communication

In a healthy relationship, one can talk about everything, especially what worries most. Among topics for discussion are: health, relationship, self-development, kids, sex, money, goals, dreams. The most difficult in the relationship is to talk and communicate your desires. However it is very important. You can exchange a million words and not say the main problem. Or you can silently look at each other and tell about everything. 

3. Your friends and family do not approve

When you are in a relationship, it is important that your family likes your partner. And it makes sense: you will all meet a lot of times in the future. Try to listen to your friends and family members and understand the reasons. There might be something concerning in their discussions. If you still want to defend your partner and do not accept your family’s arguments, try to step back and build a friendship with your crush while trying to persuade your family that you have made a right choice. 

4. Different desires and goals

In a relationship, having desires and goals which are in common is important. It is a beacon that helps you to move on. Try to write down on a piece of paper both your goals and dreams and compare them .Maybe they are just told in different words or maybe it is an important topic to consider while building relationship. 

5. The negatives are not turning positives

Negativity can be present also in healthy relations. However, negative side can be always turned into a positive one. Your partner keeps working until late, well, next week you can afford a long romantic weekend off work. If your partner only sees negative side, it is a red flag. No one deserves to be treated negatively, it should not be tolerated. 

6. You feel the relationship is drowning you down

If you feel that you are tired of the person, do not want to come home and just happy to be by yourself. There is a rarely happy ending and do you need emotional vampire next to you. 

It is easy to justify people when we love. However, it is important to trust your gut if you feel something is wrong and you are not happy in a relationship. Discuss what worries you with your partner. And a piece of advice from us: keep your eyes open and try to do some thinking with your head not only with your heart.