Although popular shows like Sex and the City have given dating pretty much fun and exciting picture, humans have their own way of complicating things. While some of us take dating as if it was a treasure hunt, some of us fear to break specific hypothetical rules of dating. While we keep the first example as a matter of diverse outlooks, the second one is typically funny and note-worthy.

Let’s have a look at some of these unspoken rules that need our attention.

#1. Men Should Make the First Move

A generation back, women approaching men were seen too desperate, aggressive, or needy. Men were in charge of beginning the relationship, and that’s it. But thankfully, we are in the digital era and have a wide range of online dating apps. Sliding into someone’s private inbox to express interest is not anymore something to feel shy about. After all, the worst that can happen is your crush saying “no,” but the art of handling rejection is something we can rely on. Having a word with some of our users, we realized that women, too, are tapping their inner Beyoncé to boost their confidence and expressing their feelings. According to them, they don’t hold themselves back from talking their hearts out. In case they are unable to, Eureka’s feature to keep feelings secret until match encourages them to go and take that chance.

#2. You Should Leave to Your Date to Do All the Planning

If there’s an exciting music festival, you have been dreaming of going, or you look forward to hopping on the seat with your favorite popcorn and watch the much-awaited Tony Stark movie, feel free to take the lead. Opening up about what you think and what expectations you have is always better than ending up disappointed.  If you want to date someone who shares the same interests as you, you can always choose someone you know well in real life. It could be someone from your friends or colleagues and classmates. With Eureka by your side, it is easier than ever to transform your crush into a soulmate.

#3. Treat Dating Like a Job

Well, for most of us, dating can feel labor-intensive and tiresome. But, that does not give a reason for you to consider dating like a job and dates as an interview. To overcome, you can try shifting the perspective and consider it as an opportunity to meet new people, not someone you see your future with.

#4. You’ll Know If They’re “The One” Right Away

Sensing that you’ve found “The One” in a meeting or two, is significantly weird. If it were ever true, we could have got a hold on breakups and divorces statistics.  Instead of relying on “instant click,” you could probably learn how most of the long-term couples didn’t realize this “magical connection” even after months and years of being together. Give your relationship some time rather than jumping to conclusions and try to understand your partner better.

Signing Off

While who created these rules is not clear, people follow them blindly, with nothing to hold back. However, for most of us, they only take us a step closer to a failed relationship. Not to sound cliché, but rules were literally made to be broken. So get out there and break them.