It’s time to celebrate!!! 

Your crush finally accepted your marriage proposal and we are as glad as you are!

But before you finally decide what you are going to do on your big day, we have something here for you – top tips to make sure your relationship is brimming with happiness today and forever. 

Let’s get going!!!

1. Strive for Relationship Balance

It’s great to do the best for your partner. However, if you put your partner’s needs before yours too often, you desperately need to figure out a balance point. Meeting your needs and maintaining your individuality is equally important. Strive to give each other some mutual respect – be kind and supportive and celebrate each other’s independent accomplishments as well. 

2. Deal With Conflicts Head-On, then Move On

Conflicts are unavoidable in a relationship. They build up over time, creating deep, dividing resentment which is tough to overcome. The key to win is in how well you can manage them. 


  • Silent treatment
  • Untimely attacks
  • Holding grudges
  • The “YOU” statements that exhibit blames, accusations, and assumptions, as they make partners feel defensive and resentful.


  • Calm and focused discussions
  • Time-outs to diffuse heated discussions and refocus on the issue
  • The “I” statements that avoid blame and make us responsible for what’s going on in our mind.
  • Resolution backed by “Agree” and “move on”

3. Restrict Fixing and Controlling Only to the To-Do List and TV Remotes

If you bring someone to your life, understand that you need to embrace their flaws too. Just like each one of us, they need room to grow as well. Accept each other and grow together instead of trying to change or control each other. Support each other’s individuality and help each other to achieve individual goals. 

4. Be Responsible for Your Own Happiness

Happiness is really something that comes from inside. Your happiness is not just your partner’s responsibility. Don’t overburden your partner with lots of expectations. Do something for yourself. That way you will be able to maintain a balance.

5. Respect Each Other’s Personal Space

Love is great and spending time with each other feels like bliss, but that’s only until you give each other the space you need. You may want to go shopping, but he would want to just chill at home watching his favorite movie. Do as your heart tells you and let your partner do the same. While you both have individual choices, respect each other’s idea of enjoyment. Everyone has the right to live their way and so do you and your partner. 

6. Share and Communicate

Trust is an important part of every relationship. Not only you have to trust your partner for integrity, but also trust them with your feelings. Additionally, be open to the same arrangements. Sharing your emotions with the partner helps you burn the stress and feel stronger. 

Show each other your care and support by opening up emotionally. Also be there to hear them out without judgment. 

7. Agree to Disagree

Every couple will agree at some points and disagree as well. Rather than trying to argue and find out the right and the wrong one, why not simply agree to disagree? Respect each other’s uniqueness and opinions. Preferences differ and it’s completely alright.

Happy Relationship!

Love life is terrifying. However, that’s just the beginning. Make sure you incorporate these easy tips to your life and make it easier for you and your partner too. On that note, don’t forget to drop-in and let us know what’s your idea of a healthy relationship. We may get your tips and tricks shared to others looking for some advice.