In the fast-paced, social media-dependant world, most of us rely on the internet for everything- right from keeping touch with our high school friends to ordering a takeaway to find a dog-sitter for the weekend getaway. And surprisingly, finding a perfect partner is not an exception.

Once seen as a taboo, today, singles across the globe warmly welcome dating platforms as a promising way to meet their partners. No wonder one in three singles discover their match on one such app making online dating an industry that’s worth 2 million as of now. But, all that glitters is not gold.

The online dating industry is subjected to shortfalls. Let’s discover three downsides here.

1. Looks Triumph Over Personality

Life isn’t easy, and it is all the more difficult on dating platforms.

Imagine seeing the most cunning (though good looking colleague) of yours walking away with the girl of your dreams. And where did they meet? Online. Heartbreaking, right? Well, that’s precisely how online dating landscape looks like. You browse through millions of profiles and choose the one who looks like a fairy right from the fairytales and expects the love story to come alive, not realizing what’s in her heart.

Contrary to this, the traditional approach to dating is pretty promising. You meet people in real life, spend some time with them, and if their character attracts you as much as their looks, all you need is some courage to express your love to them. More promising, and more chances of having the fairytale-like love story.

2. Liars Liars Everywhere

Let’s face it: people can say anything about themselves online. Whether you want to be a surgeon, a model, or a pro-hockey player, you can be literally anything on the internet. And that comes out pretty accurate when it comes to dating profiles. You could be talking to a serial killer having the most decent dating profile out there, and you won’t even know.

According to a study on online dating platforms, women lie about their weight, and men tend to lie about their height and salary. Furthermore, some people don’t even use their own pictures. Consequently, there have been instances where men complained to have met a woman they have been chatting with for months, and it turned out they were at least 50 lbs heavier than what her profile stated.

That’s how it is with online dating. You have no choice but take their word for it, at least for the time being. Thankfully with the traditional offline dating approach, you always have an idea who you are going out with.

3. You are Essentially Competing With the Entire World

An exaggeration? Sure it is.

Nonetheless, it is pretty accurate that when participating in the online dating scene, you are up against at least a ton of other suitors. Putting up more brutally, the pretty girl you have been talking to is simultaneously talking to probably ten other guys, or even more.

There are so many options with online dating, and it creates an environment where we are all looking for the best one.

 What’s worse is, you could be meeting someone over a cup of coffee, have a great date, and chances are they’ll still hop on their online dating profiles as soon as the date gets over and check out who’s up next.

The Middle-Ground Solution

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