Communication plays a vital role in romantic relationships. Given today’s fast-paced and stressful life, it is very easy for couples to grow apart from each other. There is so much going on in our lives that if we don’t channel all this stress and whatever is bothering us with our partners, then it is going to pull you both apart. But this hesitation in articulating what we are feeling or what we want the other person to do, our expectations from them and what  is hurting us, then it is only going to build resentment in couple, which is never a good thing in the long run. So if you want to communicate with your romantic partner efficiently, then here are a couple of tips to help you open up and build a stronger relationship. 

1. Make small talks:

If your partner is hesitant, you need to break the ice. Start with small talks. You can start talking about the weather outside or a photograph hunging on the wall. You can also start by throwing questions such as, “Isn’t the weather pleasant today?” or “What kind of movies do you prefer watching?” You can also play a game to make the conversation more interesting. Prepare a placard of likes and dislikes and flash them in front of your partner. Let him answer the question written on the placard. You can also include some funny texts like ‘the funniest moment in my life’ or ‘the embarrassing thing you went through the last month’.

2. Don’t just ask about mundane experiences, share them:

For efficient communication, do not just throw a myriad of questions at your partner. You are not interviewing a job candidate. So go slow, once she shares her experiences or answers your questions, share your personal experience, too. Tell him about your likes and dislikes too. Share your own personal experiences with anything, be it your graduation day or the city you visited recently or your favorite bakery in the town. It is good if you relate your experiences with your hobbies. 

3. Listen carefully with full attention:

Don’t let your conversations be dry. Don’t act disinterested. Listen to her carefully and attentively. Show her that you are interested. If you beam a little while she shares her beautiful experiences with you, she will feel valued.

4. Ask questions and don’t assume you know the answers:

Remember when you are engaged in a conversation, you don’t need to prove that you are ‘God’. You don’t have all the answers. Let him complete what he is saying. Listen to his answers; do not get too excited. It is advised not to utter ‘I know’ after whatever he says. Let him complete what he is trying to say or e your partner will lose interest and may even hesitate in sharing things with you. Remember, one of the most essential rules for building a strong relationship is making each other feel comfortable.

5. Talk about yourself but don’t take all of the air:

Take things easy, talk about yourself, and do not go too overboard. It is okay if you are talking a blue streak but do not get self-obsessed. Do not talk about yourself all the time. Give time to your partner. Let her talk about herself too. People like to talk about themselves. What you can do is you can show her your travel diary. This will engage your partner and will give you space to talk about yourself. She will also get to know about you and your hobbies. But do not keep on talking about the travel book; rather ask her opinion on traveling and the places she has been to. To conclude, communication is the founding block of a  good and lasting relationship. Put in the effort, keep conversations engaging and interesting, it will do wonders for your relationship.

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