Finding your soulmate is a hard job, no doubt. After months, sometimes even years, of playful flirting and frustrating and awkward silences, you finally end up together and to many, it feels like they have just won the battle. But it is not exactly the case. See once you have found your soulmate, you need to keep them in your life. You need to maintain a healthy and nurturing relationship so that you two will last. But it is easier said than done, of course. The fact is, many couples break up due to various reasons, sometimes it’s because of a misunderstanding, and sometimes it is because of the communication gap. So if you don’t want your relationship to fail, then here are some simple things that you and your other half can do to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship. 

1.They listen and pay full attention to their partners:

The foundation of any successful and healthy relationship is listening. Pay attention to what he/she is saying. When they are talking to you, your full focus should be on them and what they have to say. If she is telling you about the latest dress that she bought from her favorite boutique, listen to her! If he is telling you about the last horror movie that he watched with his pals, pay attention, he loves to share everything with you.

2. They give each other their spaces:

One thing happy couples usually do is give each other space. You guys are a couple, you already spend so much time together that it is healthy for you both to go and hang-out with other people. Your girlfriend or wife may want to hang out with her girlfriends for some time, do not annoy her by calling her every hour. Giving space to each other maintains privacy. If you bother him much and fix that chart of ‘dos and don’ts’ every day, he may get annoyed or feel caged!! Happy couples just let their partners be!

3. They act silly together:

Happy couples often spend much time together doing silly things. Acting silly with each other keeps the mood light and enjoyable and keeps things interesting. Drinking games and hot dog eating competitions are some of the things you can try. Yes, you are grown-ups, yes, you have jobs or you have classes. So your lives are already pretty stressful, and getting engaged in such foolish activities with your partner can prevent you from having outbursts and that ultimately strengthens your relationship.

4. They make a point to check in throughout the day:

No matter how tight your schedule is, always try to reach out to your partner, either via a call or a message. If you are out on a trip with colleagues, don’t forget to ring her once and ask about her well being. Happy couples never forget to check on each other throughout the day. This doubles the care and love between them.

5. They find ways to brighten their partner’s days:

People need to put in efforts in any relationship and when it comes to your soulmate, you need to make efforts to brighten his or her day. He might be having a tough day at work, so treat him with a nice dinner or decorate your room with beautiful flowers and candles. He will certainly feel better and brighten up. You can send her flowers randomly to wish her a good day, such small actions may leave a lasting impact on her, and happy couples never let any opportunity to make each other feel special just slide by.

6. They talk love via actions:

Actions speak louder than words. Sometimes uttering those three magical words is not enough. Your actions prove your love for your soulmate. Saying ‘get well soon’ when she is sick, is not nearly enough. You need to be there, by her bedside, taking care of her, making soups and fixing her blankets. This will make your partner feel loved and that will improve their mood and contribute to a speedy recovery as well.

7. They make loving touch a priority:

Happy couples make it a point to express their love every day. A kiss on her forehead before turning in for the night or holding his hand on a lovely evening stroll through a garden can work wonders for your relationship. It is believed that hugging relieves tension, so never shy away from it.

They go out of the ways for each other without keeping a score: In a healthy relationship, there is no scope for keeping scores. That is only going to lead to resentments and bitterness. You are both in this together, and it is the responsibility of both of you to make this work. So never think twice before helping your partner, and go out of the way for them.

In the end, it is your relationship, finding people go their entire lives without finding their soulmate, so don’t just throw it away. Be attentive, be caring and be loving. Want to date a friend? If you want to date a friend, then download the Eureka dating app today and find your soulmate in your friend circle.