It is common knowledge that being in a relationship does not mean to have certain chemistry between both partners. Especially when the couple is together for years and years, they start feeling almost like brother and sister. Sometimes the lack of chemistry leads to bored feelings, unhappiness and even to betrayal. Chemistry is more than just attraction, it is the certain sparkle between partners, it is a sort of magnetic-like attraction, it is the feeling of butterflies in the stomach and just the desire to suddenly grab and kiss the partner. So what you can do if there is no more vibe in the relationship? How to sparkle it? We are going to tell you some tips how to spark chemistry in a couple.

1. Remember what it was when you first met

Remember? There was only you and your partner in all the entire world. You wanted to share your lives, dreams, hopes and talk all the night about everything. There was no room for anything or anyone else. Wonderful feeling, isn’t? Try to figure out what was exactly that attracted you to your partner, what exited you the most? These recordings can refresh your attitude towards your crush and bring you to the new level. 

2. Invite for a date

When you were dating in the beginning, you probably tried all types of food in restaurants and went to lots of bars. And now, do you prefer to cook at home? Invite your partner for a romantic dinner to the place they like and spend quality time together without smartphones. Enjoy yourself like the first time you met. 

3. Make a surprise

Spontaneous presents, flowers or surprises are the best! Especially if your beloved one already forgot what it is! Try something new together, maybe parachuting or biking or going to the cinema. Bring back miracles, it will help you feel desired. 

4. Boost your sexuality

No matter how long you have been together, make an effort to be sexual and seductive. Break the predictable pattern and surprise. This will keep passion alive. 

5. Stop complaining

When you know each other pretty long, you definitely know each other’s downsides and limitations. Stop talking about them! Do not mention what you do not like in your partner. Drop perfectionism for couple of week and you will notice how relationship can improve. 

6. Have other interests and hobbies

Your  partner cannot meet you every day – best friend, coach, stress manager or a cook. It is important that you have additional interests outside to support you. It is great to do everything together, but it is ok to follow your own needs and passion.

Above all, be grateful and do not lose hope. Relationships, like life, have ups and downs. If you are in a downward slope right now, have faith: Things will get better. Put some time, energy, and love into your relationship. Focus on being the best partner you can be. Get help if you need it. And see the positive in your partner and your relationship.