The most dreaded string of words to hear come out of someone’s mouth in today’s time is “We are JUST FRIENDS”. We have all been there and we have all put people in the “Friend Zone” as well. But while it may seem like the curtains have closed on any possibility of ever having a romantic relationship with the person who has just Friend-Zoned you, the reality is, there is still hope. You can get out of the Friend Zone, you just need to follow the below tips.

1. Be confident & make your intentions clear:

Have you ever noticed, why you are just a friend? It is because of your less confidence level. Your best friend treats you like his/her best buddy as you don’t have enough confidence to grab his/her attention. Boost up your confidence, be witty and humorous, and stop suggesting, be commanding (not always, only when require), and then see the magic.  Most of the girls love a man-ly personality rather soft-hearted chocolate boy image. Boys always prefer a confident girl. So, be confident to win the heart of your soulmate. Your sudden change of being so confident compelled him/ her to think about you in his/her leisure or free time.

2. Don’t be available 24/7, sometimes distance can help both of you to come closer:

One call, one text, and you are there, and this nature drags you and gets you stuck to his / her friend zone. Don’t be available for 24/7 hours, it reduces your importance. People never value that thing which can be available without giving any effort. Don’t pause or postpone your every work just because of his/ her one call. Let your friend realize your value, your time. Create a distance, make him/her understand your absence, your importance, only then s/he will think about you. Give priority to your work, that will encourage his/ her curiosity about you, and honestly speaking, if you avoid him/her a little, he/she will be attracted by you more. If you want to reach his/her special zone, then grab his/her attention by maintaining a distance. Control your emotions.

3. Girls love complements but not friendly complements:

As both of you are good friends, so sharing complements is common between you. That is the reason she never gives any extra attention on your complement. So, what to do? Whenever you get a chance, admire her beauty, when she is roaming casually, or she is just ideally sitting beside you. Make her feel that, you are the person, who loves her inner beauty not the makeup she does for others. Make her realize, she is sober and pretty enough in her casual look, with her open hair. Such compliments are rare and being a friend, you have the advantage to praise her like this. So, grab that, and create a gateway to enter in her special zone.

4.Feeling Jealous is common, stimulate your friend’s jealousy and possessiveness: 

This trick is applicable for both girls and boys. Though it is a rare case for girls, that her close friend never pays any attention to her but still if it happens you can use this trick to grab his attention. But it’s a really rare scenario and for boys, it is 100% an effective way to create a special caring place in the heart of your girl-friend. How? Let’s reveal the secret. Being in a friend zone means there is no place for jealousy or possessiveness until you feel something for him or her. So, with this trick, you will be sure about your partner’s feelings and will be able to grab special attention.

It’s time to expand your zone, take your best friend to your friend circle, introduce him or her with your office colleagues as a “Friend”. That will be the first hammer you strike to get your desired person’s attention. Flirt with other girls, or praise some other beautiful women in front of your friend, it indeed incites her jealousy. Try to attract or impress other beautiful ladies, this pinch of jealousy will definitely make you more valuable in the mind of your girl. The same a girl can do to grab the attention of her boyfriend.

5. You need to be a great observer, understand her body language:

You have already done the above-mentioned things to know her feelings, now it’s time to observe her with full attention. If your girl has something for you, then you will definitely notice some changes in her. She may talk to you more politely, she may dress up as per your choice, she may get jealous when you are flirting with other girls. So, all of these are good signs! Not only girls but some boys are also very shy to express feelings, so it’s your duty to look at this matter.


Every love story may not have a happy ending! If you fail to get your friend as your soulmate, then be loyal in your friendship and always be there and help your crush whenever she or he needs someone else. There may be someone special for you, your perfect match. Eureka Dating app helps you in finding your perfect partner among your friends.