So your crush’s tap on the Like button has finally happened.

It’s no more a secret: You’re in a committed relationship with your partner.

First of all, Congratulations!!!

So while you are on the first step to start a great relationship, here’s how to take it ahead from here and build a strong relationship.

Let’s start!!!

1. Don’t Forget to Communicate

A strong grip in communication is very important for every strong and healthy relationship. You need to create a bond where both of you aren’t afraid to let yourself be heard. There should be no restrictions between you two when it comes to talking. When your partner has something to say, lend them your ear and all of your attention. And when you have something to say, don’t hold back, if they truly love you they Will hear it with all their heart.

2. Be Transparent and Build Trust

Trust and complete transparency can make any relationship be everlasting and strong. If you trust your partner and they do the same, no power on earth can make things go wrong between the two of you. But it needs to be from both sides, don’t make yourself seem dumb by being naive and getting nothing in return.

3. Pay Attention

Pay close attention when your partner is talking to you, don’t listen with half year. Otherwise, you’ll end  up being just another couple with a huge attention gap. While that may not be too problematic initially, it’ll kill the relationship slowly. No matter what you partner is talking about, whether it is something that attracts your interest or not, make sure you listen to them without judging.

4. Spend Quality Time Together

Each one of us is leading a busy life and often neglect important things to maintain pace with hustle bustle of competitive arena. But that doesn’t justify your ignorance towards your partner. Remember the golden rule, a relationship only flourishes when you spend time together. Ensure to give your partner the most of your time and attention while taking care of your personal space. Live your own life, have your own social group and let them have theirs. But make sure you share certain days together where everyone else is out of the picture.

5. Don’t Stop Showing Affection

A surprise kiss on the cheek, a tight hug every now and again, all of these things ensure that you’re madly in love and you’re in it for the long-run. When our crush transforms into a partner, we often forget to show affection assuming they are there with us forever. Arguably they are there with you, but make sure you keep providing the same efforts to the relationship as you demonstrated in the very beginning. Share as much affection as possible. That way, you’ll make sure each of you is happy.

6. Surprise Them With Gifts

Surprise gifts are an awesome way of showing you care and they are there in your mind. Get them something they’ve been desiring for a long time. Cook your partner’s favorite food or be more creative with the home decorations to illustrate the amazing moments you have captured together. Pay attention during shopping sessions and find out what stuff they love. Get gifts accordingly.

7. Healthy Arguments

This might come as a sheer shock, but arguments (healthy ones) are an important part of a relationship. Absence of arguments clearly means there is a lacking element of communication, or you are not open to your partner. That said, make sure you don’t end up in a heated verbal spat with your partner. Be open to consider each other’s views as well and in case, things go wrong, try getting along in the heat of the moment. Avoid talking until both of you calm down and then express your point of view.

8. Show Each Other Mutual Support

The term strong relationships aren’t as easy as it sounds. Both of you need to support each other to the fullest, mutual support (and a lot of it) is extremely important to keep any relationship alive and healthy. You both have to give it your one hundred percent. And it never works if you’re the only one doing all the supporting where all you get in return in your time of need is insults and more troubles. But from my personal experience, if you give you also get back in return. So give it your best.

The Bottom Line

So there you have it. You now have the answers on how to build a loving relationship. Building a strong loving relationship, however, isn’t easy. In fact, it takes a significant amount of work and effort from both partners. You will, of course, have your ups and downs, but as long as you are willing and committed to working through these challenges, then you will come out stronger as a couple on the other side.

The relationship you have with your partner is very much like a changing and evolving entity that is undergoing constant transformation. In order to make your relationship work long-term, you and your partner must be willing to nurture this relationship and guide it down an optimal path. This will, of course, take effort and time, but in the end, the love you share will be a worthy prize.