Let’s say you are about 30 years old and you are still single, while most of your friends are married, engaged, or are in a serious relationship. You are feeling desperate and unhappy about it. Stop! This is not the right approach. First of all, you are healthy, happy, you have a great social life and the only thing you miss is finding a right partner for you. 

While searching for the “right” one, start thinking about how many advantages you have of being single! Right, being in a relationship does not mean being 100% happy!  Enjoy your time alone! Welcome any vacation plan you like – extreme, active, whatever. Say “yes” to any places you like, like any type of restaurant, bar or club. Or just stay home with a book, without being bothered. Don’t think about what you do not have, but focus on what you have: you are the boss of your life! 

Whenever you are feeling lonely, sad or desperate, think about good things in your life, look inside you and focus on what is important for you!

What are your priorities in life? 

Before you read below about some possible important areas of life, identify what is important for you. This will help you to identify compatibilities with a potential partner. 

These areas could be: Family, Faith, Money, Work, Health, Lifestyle. How do you view these core areas? Where do your values and priorities lie? Are you happy with your goals ?

Ask yourself: which areas stand out the most in terms of how you want to live your life in future? From this list, you might feel that someone that attracts you has different priorities. Those families, who share the same life values tend to have a more happy life together than those who have different core values in life. Remember, however, that partners can share the same life values even with differences in race, religion, background, hobbies or interests! 

Which partner do I need? 

Do you know what is the “right” person for you? Can you describe in details what is important for you in your soulmate? For this exercise, take a white paper, divide it into two parts. In the right column, list five deal-breakers. Maybe it’s having a debt, cigarette-smoking, being closed-minded or something else. In the left column, write what would you like to see in the potential partner. Are age, appearance important for you? Or kind heart, excellent job outweigh the rest? When you meet a new person, this list may be a useful tool for you. You can understand if this person is the right fit for your future. Instead of worrying if the person likes you or not, first, think about your needs!

Bottom line

Most important is whether you are happy with yourself and with your life. We suggest you to prioritize your desires and wishes. The more happy you are, the more you will attract good people. 

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