Insecurities are bound to creep in any new relationship. Wondering about whether someone will like and accept you, whether they’ll like the carefully chosen aesthetic of your apartment, whether they notice the borborygmi you just had and many more.

While small insecurities are natural, bigger worries can question your faith on your partner and worse, can lead you to detrimental consequences. To help you avoid getting into the worst scenarios, we are here exploring some ways to overcome these dating insecurities. 

1. Embrace Self-Love to Unlock Happiness

Low self-esteem can be a big cause of being unhappy. You don’t feel confident and become hostage to your opinion which convinces you that you are unworthy of love. Gradually, it leads you to a point where you fall into trust issues with your partner. Furthermore, when you are under such an impression, you naturally compensate by striving to build a better version of yourself and prove yourself worthy which eventually drains you.

The only way to get over this insecurity is to tap yourself into believing that you are as lovable as your partner. The more you practice this, the more you feel worthy and overcome the insecurity 

2. Relax and Enjoy the Ride

Feeling hopeless about yourself is another insecurity that you may feel while in a relationship. You may be putting in so much effort to your relationship without receiving desirable results may subject you to the feeling that you are not worthy enough. While it may be true in some cases, in most of the instances these are merely the results of overthinking or putting yourself under test on hypothetical parameters. Instead of continuing working hard to get the love up to that hypothetical level, avoid applying the principles of logic, strategizing to each and everything. 

3. Be Open to See What Your Significant Other Has to Offer

Instead of exhausting yourself trying to prove your love to the potential partner, let him show what he has for you. Allow him space to demonstrate his love for you and show that he is the love of your life. This advice goes along with playfulness and feeling lovable.

Be curious to know about him and his feelings as he expresses. How will he make you feel? What will he do to wow you? Doing this will help you to overcome insecurity in dating significantly. You are not the one who needs to perform.

4. Be Proactive and Open About What You Are After

Somehow we assume that it is not good to express what we expect from our partners. We are afraid we might portray ourselves as overdemanding. That is the reason we often neglect opening up. However, if you want to have a great relationship with your partner, this is something you should not be doing. If you go inexpressive on a date, the other person may not be able to figure out anything from the mixed messages. 

Express how you want the relationship to be, and encourage your partner to do the same. Many times, our significant other also desires a relationship as we want it. However, if you refrain from letting your partner know, they too feel uncomfortable to be upfront. You will only end winding in the so-called guessing game and make your relationship vulnerable.

5. When Going Gets Tough, Focus on the Positive Stuff

​Of course, you may feel discouraged at times in spite of all the right measures. When one thing in your life brings you down, I would suggest focusing emotionally on other things in life.

Step away from the area that causes you distress.  In this case, we are talking about love and dating. When you feel discouraged about dating, you can have a period of stopping your efforts briefly until you elevate your mood.

6. Don’t Take Things Personally When They Don’t Work Out

It can be tough when a guy that you really like doesn’t like you back to the same degree. But what’s important to remember is that your self-worth isn’t tied to one person’s opinion. If it didn’t work out with one person, it doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. It may not even be that he didn’t like you. Perhaps it was the wrong timing for both of you.

The Bottom Line

Insecurities can come out from time to time in even the most stable relationships. You can’t control your partner’s emotions, but you can be the most supportive, loving version of yourself possible. What relationship issues do you struggle with?  When it comes to your relationships, what makes you feel insecure? Leave us a comment below sharing your thoughts.