So, how’s life in the Friend-Zone?

No, don’t throw away those poor machines. We are not here to give you long lectures on how to get over with the friend-zone by trying to find you someone known. And neither we are going to follow the human streak that makes thousands of jokes on you. We are careful that way. After all, everyone’s life is precious and so is ours.

Jokes apart, we know how desperately you are looking forward to escaping the evil friend-zone. Who would love to be “just friends” with a crush, anyway? But how would you start? Should you be proposing? But those proposals in front of the Eiffel Tower look promising only in the movies and books. In real life, it takes more than that.

And here we are discussing that “MORE”. So, before your frustration builds up high and you come looking for us with a dagger, let’s get started.

1. Start with Expressing Your Love

“Yeah, like we haven’t thought of it before.”

Hang on, that’s what clicked your mind right. But we just saved ourselves by saying “WE DIDN’T MEAN IT LIKE THAT”.

Ya, what we mean here is that you can try out some dating applications to kickstart your love story. While many ones may or may not have your friend there, we have got a great solution with a mobile app named Eureka. Yes, with only the Phone Address Book as a potential prospect, this is a perfect place for you to ask a friend for a date. So, join the Eureka community, invite your friend on it and then express yourself by clicking the Love button. And did we tell you, they’ll only know about it when they’ll show Love for you too? Ya, so just in case your love story takes a little longer, you are still safe in your Friend-Zone.

2. Know Them Better

Know their birthday? Check.

Know their pet name? Check.

Know their hobbies? Check.

Know that they love skiing?

What? You didn’t?

How could you miss it? C’mon it’s about your crush!

Let’s solve it for you. Check out their profile on Eureka. Simply click on their profile picture and navigate to the Bible of Your Crush’s personality.

And then you can probably dress up according to the men or women who interest them. Or perhaps, ask them out on the activity of their choice. Helpful, isn’t it?

3. Patience is the Key

Don’t expect someone to just come running to kiss you as soon as you propose them. Isn’t it too impatient? And why rush? Give them time to think, retrospect. We agree it shouldn’t be too much. Definitely not when they are overthinking species. But they do deserve their time.

In that case, Eureka makes it easier for you. How? You can express your feelings, and your crush will not know unless it’s mutual. And once Eureka moment finally comes, patience will reap you superb benefits.

Start Dating Them And Share Your Love Stories with Us

Did you imagine it was this easier to transform your friendship into a great love story?

See, that’s the magic Eureka brings to your life. Don’t wait more, download Eureka right away and yes, don’t forget to share your stories with us.

Meanwhile, have fun with Eureka!!!