Remember your first email ID?

How weird they were, we realized only when we grew up. Truly embarrassing! And trust us, some of them are still trolled mercilessly on the internet.

While that was the pain of the past, someone of us can still relate to it somehow as we leap into the world of online dating.

But “Eureka,” you have already found us!!!

So we have a breather for you, we are today helping you out with some excellent tips and tricks to overcome embarrassment when dating online.

1. Let your real self take the charge

Fine. You show yourself for the first time in front of your potential partner. We all know “First impression is the last impression”. Don’t go on faking a personality just because you feel they won’t like the real one. You can’t tell it anyway.

Moreover, once your relationship grows, you have more chances of self-consciousness. Can you fake it for long?

Imagine letting them know you are a fun-loving extrovert while you are a book-loving introvert. Opposite to the real side of you, all you are going to do is ruin your dating life. Be yourself and be amazing! The right one should love you the way you are.

You can probably try some intuitive apps like Eureka that only get you connected to the ones who you already know. Increase your chances, for once and for all.

2. Find out the dating website/app that works for you

You may be a single looking to mingle, but that doesn’t justify choosing anyone who you cross path with. You know what type of partner you would like to date, so all you now have to do is to find a dating app that just works well for you. Trying out some leading ones is a great option.

On that note, how about transforming your crush into soulmate? Intriguing, right? And guess what we have is the easiest way to do it. Download Eureka App from App Store or Google Play, register yourself, and tap the Love Symbol next to your friend. Easy, isn’t it? And wait, maybe your love is among your friends!

3. Don’t get carried away by so-called trends

Love is blind. It doesn’t matter how you look like and there are no metrics for this case.

But-but-but, we do picture our ideal life partners. Appearance, intellect, job, so many factors to consider. And the best part of having this idea in today’s world is technology that allows us to find the ideal partner right when we need it. We only have to find that perfect arena.

Don’t go with what trends say. Find out what works for you! Analyze which place might have the partner you need. Once you are through it, simply put your best foot forward, and you are all sorted.

If you find that ideal partner in one of your friends, you can also use Eureka and augment your chances of hitting the sweet spot.

4. Understand that it’s okay to express

Yes, it’s chilling. It makes you nervous. You go speechless in front of him or her. But nothing can reason your silence. Express before it’s too late.

To help you out here is a solution. Simply launch Eureka on your smartphone, let us invite them for you, and Tap to express yourself.

Signing off

Online dating is true fun and opens doorways for you to find the soulmate that you would not probably bump into. But that’s not exactly the secret to unlock the world of romance. Take down a notch and use as a tool for what it is: a way to meet cool people, to try new bars and restaurants with. Slow steps can help you establish a comfort level with your partner and therefore put embarrassment away.

And last but not least, don’t forget to download Eureka from App Store or Google Play. After all, to make the dating game a bit easier for you is something we love.