Ever tried finding a dinosaur in the current times? We neither.

But then most of us did try to find a soulmate, and the pain is almost the same. Isn’t it?

Feeling this agony, some of our innovator friends came up with the concept of online dating to help users find their soulmate. No wonder we have App Marketplaces loaded with dating apps, each having a different approach to dating. While some connect you with the potential matches that cross your path,  some offer benefits of discovering potential dates across the globe.

Approaches may be different, but the intent is common enabling users to find a soulmate. Keeping up with the streak is the unique dating app, Eureka, an app that makes it easier for the users to show affection towards their love interest. Let’s explore the app better to make the most of it and learn how to find your soulmate with Eureka.

Introduction to Eureka and It’s Dating Approach

Eureka is simple. Not just in terms of use but also when it comes to the Match discovery. 

Available across platforms including iOS and Android, Eureka offers an intuitive interface helping users to open up to their college or workplace or even best friend crush. Once you have your love interest’s contact number saved on your phone, simply download the app and register yourself free-of-cost. After successful registration, Invite your crush on the app as well. Don’t worry. Eureka has inbuilt Invite feature to send an anonymous invitation mail. 

After you crush joins you on Eureka, tap the Heart icon close to their name to add a Love affection. The best part is that you don’t have to live in fear of losing the precious friendship. Your crush will not know about your feelings unless they feel the same for you, thereby saving you from embarrassing situations.

Striking Benefits of Eureka

Eureka is not just about opening up about your love; it also fosters a happy relationship. It’s more fun, specially with dazzling benefits it has to offer. Here we have listed some for you:

1. No Spams and Creepy Messages

Let’s accept it. Each one of us has been through the trying times when someone popped in our inbox with those cheap messages. And no, this is not the case with females only, men have been the victim too. Eureka is the place where you only receive love confessions from people you already know, and that’s only if the feelings are mutual.

2. Conversations Without Barriers

Sweet talks and small gestures of care increase after the relationship begins. Make sure nothing takes away this pleasure from you. Give your partner the time they need to build a healthy relationship. Good news is Eureka is soon going to offer in-app chat room for you to communicate better with your match.

3. If They are Not There, Invite Them

You may be restless to express, but your crush is not even there on the app. Big turn-off, right? But Eureka understands you, and so it offers you single tap Invite functionality.

Now What?

Of course, why waste time anymore? Turn your friends into soulmate with Eureka.Whether you are an Android User, or an iOS loyalist, head straight away to the app marketplace and download this unique app! Don’t forget to share your love stories with us.