Being an introvert in the hookup culture is a special kind of hell, and the pain is even more if you have a huge crush on an office colleague, a classmate, or one of your close friends. No one has guts to open up too quickly but then, they can seek help from others or make the best of a pep talk opportunity, but being an introvert you don’t even have this help by your side. 

But online dating can wonderfully help you and we, at Eureka, are here to guide you. Here, we are having a small discussion on how to find the love of your life if you are an introvert. Simple tips and tricks, but worthy enough to get your love life started, the online dating way.

1. Set Up Your Profile Honestly

Being an introvert is not a crime. Don’t be shy of exhibiting your true self. That said, you can do it in style though. “I’m a terrible party animal, but love philosophical conversation” is a better way to express that you relish dates in the comfort zone of a cafe rather than partying around. Let the person know you better before they make up their mind.

In case you’ve already found this special someone who understands you, what are you waiting for? Open up and express. With Eureka, it’s easier than ever. Just download Eureka Love App and get started. 

2. Be Yourself

Once you’ve found a match on a dating platform, it is quite obvious to initiate a conversation and take it ahead. However, don’t go far demonstrating yourself as an extrovert. No matter how far you go with a fake personality, you can never stop from getting into a bad date. Let them absorb your true self and get attracted to it.

3. Pick the Right Kind of a Date

Find out what type of partner you are comfortable with. If you glow around an extrovert, don’t go tapping Like button for opposite person, and vice-versa. Make sure you go through the profile of potential matches and make an informed decision. 

4. The Right Place Will Help You Make the Right Date

Stuck for date ideas? Finding the right date idea is essential for you to find a long-lasting relationship. If you feel more comfortable having a deep conversation on a restaurant table as compared to a club, don’t opt for the second option for any reason. Go for the date location that lets you and your partner open up and express better.

5. Everyone is nervous about the first date (and that’s okay)

Let that sink in!

No matter how comfortable you are with each other on phone calls, first dates are always a nervous experience. Don’t let that take away your peace of mind. And accept that a perfect happily-ever-after love story is not possible in a single date. Take your time and be patient with your partner. As you spend more time together and get comfortable around each other, things will get better. 

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While the above-mentioned tips truly come handy if you are an introvert and searching for a perfect partner, you can also find one happily-ever-after love story around you. Maybe with a friend, your best of the best buddies, someone you share your office table with or maybe the someone who increases your heartbeat as soon as he/she enters the classroom. To help you overcome your introvertness and express to someone, we have a handy solution: Eureka Love App! Download the app on your smartphone, and tap the Love icon to express your affection. The best part is they won’t know unless the feeling is mutual, so at least your friendship is safe!