Once you are in a relationship with someone who has truly captured your heart, you might be overwhelmed to tell them how you feel. However, when you have a crush on someone, it is a little bit complicated. Communicating your feelings to someone can be tricky at first, you want to pour your heart in but refrain from doing so. Resultantly, many of us hide our emotions, and a love story ends even before it starts. But, can you guess the reason? Well, well, well- it is a list of rules that society has made for us. Fear of being judged, discouraged to open up, and a lot more. Here, we are discussing some of these factors that prevent us from opening up about our feelings.

1. Fear of Rejection

Everyone fears rejection at one point of time or another. That’s a part of human nature, and you can’t overcome it entirely. Many times, we have regretted not applying for one of our dream jobs simply because we felt a rejection would bring bad name upon us. Relationships are no exception. Fear of rejection often turns out to be the most significant obstacle that prevents one from expressing his/ her feelings. Rather than considering “No” as a difference of opinions, we go on exhausting ourselves for nothing.

2. Ruin Friendship

Arguably, best friends make the best couple of all times. They have spent quite some time together and know each other in and out. And the best part is, they don’t judge each other even when one of them behaves the weirdest. Still, despite several points to its favor, people refuse to let their best friend know about their feelings. The reason is apparent- we are too afraid to lose their friendship.

But have you seen the brighter side? Have you wondered that chances of being accepted are as much as the chances of being rejected? Or, have you ever thought that your best friends would understand you like always and let nothing come between your friendship?

Think about the positive aspects of things, and let your feelings flow.

3. Inferiority Complex

Another and the common reason that disallows people to open up about their feelings is, inferiority complex. We tend to bind ourselves in hypothetical assumptions and jump to conclusions without even knowing what the other person is looking for. The world is full of unique people around, and who would want to love a clone, anyway? Maybe the other person is looking for someone as awesome as you. You never know. It’s always worth to take that chance.

4. Ego Problems

Ego- Yes, we all have it. But the beauty lies in how well you can control it. If you let your ego go unchecked, it can cause tremendous turmoil to your life- particularly in the closest relationships. And the worst aspect is- sometimes, even before the relationship begins.

You fail to let go off your ego and accept that you can actually like someone. Even if you do, fear of being judged as mediocre, or getting rejected ruins the small amount of will you have.

5. Fear of Being Judged

The world is turning harshly judgemental.

Nowadays, it is quite challenging to live your life on your terms and expect people to like you. But do they have to, anyway?

Fear of being judged is just another reason for people to hold themselves back from expressing their love. Rather than taking it as an opportunity to make the best of the moment and finding your soulmate, you end up being a victim to your own fears and ruin a relationship even before it begins.

The Solution for All Your Fears

Suffering from any of these issues? Or, anything that causes you to feel hesitant about your feelings?

“Eureka!” We have a solution.

Eureka is just tailor-made for anyone who cannot open up about his/ her feelings for any reason. You can download the app from AppStore or Google PlayStore and register yourself free. Once done, you can create an intuitive profile to demonstrate your personality and get started. Your crush name will be displayed among your Eureka Friends, if you have their contact saved in your Address Book and they too have signed up on Eureka. In case they are not there, you can simply invite them to join. Then, all you have to do is Tap the Heart icon present along with their name, and your interest will be registered.

The catch here is- they will only know once it is a match. Therefore, you have to just express yourself, but also ensured to safeguard your feelings. Get started today!