Talk about “soulmate” to a group of people, and you’re bound to get a few eye rolls. The perception that there is one magical person for you- with whom you can fall in love with instantly is not realistic for the world to believe. However, most of us do have a person who knows us in and out. We feel the moment of “instant click” with them, and the world seems to be complete. You simply feel like coming across a person who is truly special. That said, sometimes, no matter what, we hold ourselves back from letting our crush know that we find a great partner in them. Sometimes, it can be because of fear of rejection and at times, due to lack of courage. No matter what it is, Eureka is here to take your love life by storm by introducing a different perspective to online dating.

Let’s explore it here.

#1. You Can Open Up About Your Feelings

Studies suggest that most of the love stories never even happen because people fail to express their love. You may be genuinely in love with someone and never find the courage to talk about it. Consequently, what can be an inspirational love story ends up being something no one truly knows about. There can be multiple reasons for the same:

  • Fear of rejection
  • Lack of confidence
  • Fear of losing one’s friendship

And many more…

With the motive of making things better, Eureka helps you overcome all these shortfalls and transform your crush into a soulmate. You can simply download the app on your smartphones and let your crush know about your feelings. The single tap functionality allows users to explore their potential partner’s profile and show their affection anonymously. Your feelings only disclose once it’s a match.

#2. Invite Your Crush On Eureka

With Eureka, your crush’s absence on the app doesn’t have to be a reason to refrain from expressing your love. You can simply invite the person on Eureka and leverage single click functionality to express your love secretly.

#3. Know Your Crush Better with Eureka

Letting you introduce yourself in the best possible way, and create a fantastic picture of yourself in your crush’s mind, Eureka enables you to create an intuitive profile for yourself. Users can leverage this feature to share their interests, hobbies, photographs, and more. While it helps users to sell themselves, it also lets them know their potential partners better and check if they can actually look forward to a promising relationship with them.

#4. Enjoy Online Dating with a Touch of Reality

As far as online dating is concerned, you could be talking to someone for months without even realizing how they are in real life. Not only this, with the highest uncertainty rates, online dating apps don’t prove fruitful in the long run. You could be going on a coffee with someone who is probably figuring out what to wear for the next date with another person. Till now, 3,889 online dating-related fraud incidents have been reported, resulting in a record loss of £39m. Eureka professionally takes the shortfalls of online dating and provides you a unique experience. As your profile is only exposed to the people you know in real life, Eureka ensures that you don’t fall prey to uncertain swipes and fake profiles.

#5. No Spamming and Harassment

Stalking and harassment come as the most significant disadvantage of online dating websites. While men too fall prey to such incidents, women are among the major victims. That typically stops many users to sign up for the services of online dating websites. However, Eureka safeguards you against all such activities by letting your profile to be visible only to the people you know in real life. Under any circumstances where your contact number is saved in a stalker’s phone, you can always opt for the block feature and prevent yourself from any harmful incidents.

Turn Your Crush Into Soulmate Or A Date

Understanding the feelings and intentions of the other person can be truly intimidating, making it difficult for you to open up. At Eureka, we are passionate about bringing your crush from your phone’s contact into real life. All you have to do is download the app, and express your love in a single click.