She is standing right in front of you, enjoying the amazing coffee you made for her. You excuse yourself for a minute or five to get the gift you got for her from the car. The moment you come back she sees you and then you kneel in front of her saying those three magical words.

“I love you. Will you be mine?”

She says yes.

You get up to hug her tight and you wake up…

The dream was pleasant enough but could have been better if it were not a dream.

The reality is you are possibly “Friend-zoned.” And irrespective of your gender, the pain is real. But there’s still hope. You have us, your dating expert friends at Eureka who are today helping you out to transform your friendship into a fairytale love story.

Let’s start the journey then!!!

1. Be There For the One You Love

Remember how you impressed your ex? By being there when they broke off with their then-ex.

Okay, no offense. Just kidding.

The trick here is to make sure you are available for your crush when they need someone in their life. Whether it is about a celebration or an unhappy event, be close to them. This will help you to become an important part of your crush’s life and to bring both of you closer. 

2. Express Your Love

How will the guy you love know what you feel unless you tell them? However, while opening up, it is also vital to make sure you don’t overdo it. Otherwise, you will end up just another creep in their inbox. 

The trick is to follow the mantra of “Actions speak louder than words”.

Let your friend know that you want to take this relationship beyond friendship, but with your actions. Take care of them and spend more time with them. Once they realize you care about them, make sure you put your feelings in words as well.

Shall we give you another gift of advice here? Download Eureka

 and express your love secretly. When you prove it with actions, you’ll most probably have a match.

3. Patience

Expecting someone to say “I do too” as soon as you express your love is foolish. Give them the time they need, no matter how difficult it is for you to wait. Trust us, ending up on the couch cuddling with them while watching a romantic film a year later is absolutely better than being hit by their car just because you kept on asking for love every minute.

4. Stay Connected

Being connected is priceless. Talk to them often. Make sure you make them feel important.

Wrapping Up

Firsts of a relationship are always important – first conversation, first hangout, first movie, EVERYTHING. And now that you have amazingly taken the first step to your relationship by extending a friendly hand, let nothing stop you from reaching their heart. Follow the tips mentioned above and your love will land up in your arms soon.