Finding love in your best buddy is a phenomenal feeling.

And we don’t argue on that. But isn’t it too intimidating?

Skip a beat or two every time you see your best friend crush and dream of them all day long, and end up with what? Not being able to confess your feelings.

That’s heartbreaking and so to help you out, we have brainstormed some ways to figure out how to date a friend.

Let’s explain it better to you!!!

1. Signs and Signals are Important: Watch Out For Them

Okay, one day our friend John came home and find his spouse sitting in the room. She didn’t really acknowledge his presence and as soon as he grabbed a seat nearby, she stood up and went to the kitchen. That’s when John realized that she was furious and he needed to do something about that.

What happened to him is his story, but here’s something to learn.

Signs and signals are important to let other people know your state of mind. That said, reading them is equally vital.

And so comes the first tip:

Keep an eye on the signs and signals to know where you stand in your partner’s life. Additionally, be a part of this hinting game by doing the same.

You can try up some healthy flirting techniques, and check your friend’s reaction to it. If they don’t react negatively, of course, they like you too.

2. Be patient and Know Your Crush Better

Patience is an important virtue. And practicing it is vital for a peaceful life.

The same mantra applies to your love life. You cannot simply rush in. Take time to understand the potential partner. You can probably switch to your Bond mode and stalk them to know better. Get them involved in the pep talks asking them how they want their love life to be.

Further, in the cases, you’ve already opened up to them, make sure that you don’t play impatiently. Give them the time they need.

3. Look Before You Leap

How many times have you heard elders telling that it is important to look before you leap? Hundreds of times or probably more.

Fine, that’s too much, but yeah, somewhere around ten is a justifiable number. Make sure you don’t forget this rule of thumb when it comes to dating your friend. Missing it is like rushing to get that last available strawberry ice cream cone when they actually love chocolate.

Make sure you don’t rush in and every step is taken after you are sure that you don’t mess with their mood. If you are friends for a week or so, doesn’t necessarily mean you know them well enough to throw surprises. Getting them all the Lovey Dovey stuff before knowing how they feel will make it worse for you. A wrong step will not only cost you great love life but also take toll on your friendship.

4. Demonstrate Your Interest

Just because you have to stay patient doesn’t mean you need to wait for a dream to finally convey your feelings to your friend. Once you are sure, take the charge and express. Speak about your feelings to them and make sure you demonstrate with your actions too.

On that note, if you want to make conveying your feelings easier, you can also head straight to the app marketplaces and download Eureka. That will do your job in a single tap. Amazing, isn’t it?

Happy Dating!!!

There can be nothing as amazing as having your friend turned into a soul mate. But this transformation is not that easy. The tips and tricks mentioned above will make this process a bit smoother for you. You can also explore innovative ways to this by using Eureka, a unique mobile app making your life easier than ever. Explore the wide range of features powered by Eureka and let that incredible love story begin.