First Dates, well, they are exciting. At the same time, they are nerve-racking.

You are clueless about what to expect. Will you continue sharing the chemistry that you share on messages? Will she find you attractive? What if the greetings are only followed by awkward silence? And when it finally happens, you have so many thoughts running through your mind, making you nervous. Before you even open your mouth, there is mounting pressure to impress her.

A lot to wonder, very little idea of how to get over with it. Look no further, we have got you covered!

This time, dating experts at team Eureka have highlighted the basic do’s and don’t for you to know.

So, without more to do, here we go.

Beginning with what to do?

1. Be on time

The first impression is the last impression. Make sure you don’t ruin it by making them wait for too long, especially if you are new to each other. Be there at the time you decided. If you have a real reason for being late, inform your date as soon as possible.

2. Dress up well

Almost every time, ladies put in a lot of effort to look their best on the date, and be aware, gentlemen, she expects the same from you. So, this is specifically for you to keep in mind. Take time for some grooming to look clean and fresh. Demonstrate your interest. You can probably ask what she likes and dress accordingly.

3. Choose place wisely

Go for public places both of you are well aware of. If either of you is not committed to a single location, opt for the one where both of you feel comfortable. Unusual places that are far away from the town are a big NO-NO. Flexibility is the key here, if things go South, you have got an easy exit. If not, it’s easy to transition for an evening stroll through downtown.

4. Be in the right state of mind

Calm down! Be friendly, kind and approachable. Remember, you are here to have a good time.

If you are having a bad day or feeling gloomy, consider rescheduling. Clearly, it is not sexy to stare off into space, lose conversation, or spend entire FIRST DATE with teary eyes.

5. Honesty is the best policy, here too

Be honest and authentic. Dates are not supposed to be business meets or job interviews. While there are specific topics you should avoid, it is okay to let your best self shine. Focus on having a great time as you would have with a close friend.

6. Put your phones away

We live in a connected world that keeps us oversaturated with opportunities to get connected to everything and everyone. However, one must suppress this urge to Instagram, text, or reach out to the network during a date. That only leads to uncomfortable silence shouting out your disinterest.

If you MUST take an urgent call or text, excuse yourself.

7. It’s okay to break the touch barrier

The first physical contact can be awkward to maneuver. If you’re feeling the sense of connection, make the first move and break the barrier yourself.

What not to do during your first date?

1. Self-bragging

Arguably, your life is amazing. But it’s the time to maintain a balance by letting your partner express as well. Show interest in knowing them and find a way to connect your life to them.

On that note, do you know showing interest to another person and their life is a great seduction feature?

2. Unrealistic expectations

Set out your hope high for the date too soon. Whether it is an eternal love you are looking for or just a hook-up, don’t jump to the subject immediately. Know what your date is looking for and don’t make false promises.

3. Talking about mistakes of the past

Don’t talk about previous dating experiences, neither yours nor of your date. Avoid bringing the past relationships to your date, good or bad. There’s nothing that proves as detrimental as this to a budding romance.

4. Get hammered

Want to look like a cool person, booze-hound and a nervous wreck? Great, gram another cocktail. But then, set yourself up for another date. First dates are not to go shot-for-shot. It’s about being sober enough to know each other.

5. Talking of bedroom

Avoid being too suggestive about sex. The first date is not the time for references to the bedroom unless you want to look like sex is the primary thing you are interested in.

May you have an amazing first date!!!

A stellar first impression is not the same as love at first sight. But surely it is an invitation to consider the matter.

Start with taking a deep breath. You don’t have to memorize each of these tips or write them somewhere to read often. The most important thing is to be as relaxed and easygoing as possible. Once you are calm, the do’s and don’ts follow effortlessly.Alternatively, you can also play it safe, finding as soulmate someone you probably know. Wondering how? Well, simply download Eureka for iOS or Android, and get started.