Have you ever been in love? Do you know what it feels like to be half of a whole? Do you know how it feels to slowly fall in love with someone, with their little quirks and habits, with the way they wear their hair or the way they squint? Falling in love is a gradual process for some, and for some, it is instantaneous. And if you have never been in love, if you have never experienced its bitter-sweet seasons, then we are here today to tell you what it is like to fall in love.

1: Butterflies in stomach become things for real:

One of the craziest things that happen when you’re in love with someone is that you start to feel butterflies in your stomach. Your tummy starts to churn every time you see that one person and while it can be a scary thing, you need to know that it is completely normal. We all go through this and it is just one of many signs that you are head over heels in love with someone.

2: You feel addicted to one person:

When you are romantically inclined towards someone, you want to be around them, all the time. There is nothing strange about that. If anything, it is very natural. Why wouldn’t you want to be around someone who makes you feel special and loved? So gradually, you get used to that person’s presence and eventually, you get addicted to them.

3: You will experience sweaty palms, a racing heartbeat, and a flushed face:

Your body doesn’t lie. If the mere sight or proximity of that person sends your heart racing and makes your palms sweat, you know what’s going on. And while you might want to deny this, you might even go and see a doctor, for these symptoms are concern worthy, but you don’t need medical attention, you just need that person’s attention.

4: You become a little obsessed:

Opening yourself to the idea of love means opening yourself to going a little bit crazy and obsessed some times. When you are in love, your days are consumed with the thoughts of that person and your nights full of their thoughts. You want to be around them at all times and you think about them all the time. You keep an eye out on their schedules, you look out for every photo that they like or every post that they share on their social media accounts.

5: You smile when you are alone:

Love consumes you. The world is suddenly more colorful and the flowers are prettier. You don’t even mind the things that used to drive you crazy. Love makes everything around you more beautiful and puts in a positive mindset. You think of that person and then you smile, you think of the smallest thing that they did or said and you smile, you think of their eyes and their hair, and your smile. These little memories, they give the power to paddle through the worst of days.

6: You care more about your appearance:

Some people like to look impeccable at all times. And some people don’t really care how they look. For those people, falling in love means paying more and more attention to their looks. They want to look nice for that special person. They start wearing stylish clothes, they start following the latest trends, they start hitting the gym and get really health conscious and what they eat and how much they eat.

Love is certainly crazy! Strange how things change and even those hilarious things such as butterflies in tummy seem so special. If you are in love with your friend and it is new, remember these things are going to happen to you. If you are in love with someone you know or a friend, download the Eureka love app and make your dating profile now!!