“So, how did your love story begin?”

“Depressed by the fact that I was not able to find someone, I prayed God to help me find the one meant for me. The magic happened and She was there…”

Sounds nice, no? 

But-but-but, only if it were that easy. Real life is different, and finding the perfect match for yourself is not easy. 

Not anymore, after all the online world is here for you. If you can find hairpins online, what deal is this so-called soulmate? 

Jokes apart, let’s walk through the steps that can fill the gap between you and your “THE better half”.

What’s Different Here at Eureka?

Well, the difference lies in our unique concept. While the internet is full of potential matches, you really have no idea how they’ll turn out. Who will trust a complete stranger in today’s world? 

So we thought you might want to open up to your crush. Yeah, no kidding here. 

Feelings are important to us, as well. And we aren’t telling you to go down to your knees in front of the Eiffel Tower. It’s very simple. 

Let’s get started!!!

Step 1: Find Eureka on Your App Marketplace

Head straight to the AppStore or Google PlayStore and search for Eureka, the amazing dating app. Find it and install on your smartphone. 

Step 2: Registration (of course)

Now that you’ve got Eureka, start with the registration process. Fill the required details, and click submit. We’ll send you a One Time Password to ensure that your email and contact number are safe. 

Step 3: Call them Onboard

Well, unless your crush is there, who are you exactly gonna propose to? So, you might want to use our feature to increase your Eureka Friendlist!

Just single tap and Invite with an email from Eureka your crush. The best part is – we do it anonymously without disclosing your name. They can follow the instructions then and register to the app.

Step 4: Time to Express

Once you have them on the app, simply tap Like/Love Icon against their name to show affection. And you know the benefits of expressing this way? They won’t know unless they tap the Like/Love sign on you too.

So, you can just relax meanwhile and keep being good friends!

Did You Think it Was That Easy?

See, you couldn’t even guess it. But here we are redefining the way you find the love of your life. Quickly get yourself the amazing app and get started. Happy Dating!!!

Along with that, we are always looking for love stories around, don’t forget to share yours with us.