First dates can be incredibly awkward but truly important in the beginning of the relationship. You are two total strangers (most likely never met before) attempting to impress and excite each other to know each other better and have fun together. It seems easy, but probably easier said than done. That is why, it is always better to go on a first date prepared and armed with exiting topics to discuss and laugh. With homework done at home, the first date will be more easy going and fun! 

Here are 7 dating topics you can discuss with your partner on the first date:

1. If you had a chance to travel everywhere you want, where would it be ?

Travelling is a fun topic to kick start the conversation. You can always discuss where you have been already, which places you liked so far and your dream destinations. It’s the chance to find something in common, the type of vacation you both prefer and where you can dream of travelling together. A great topic to exchange ideas and dream about. 

2. Tell me about you family

Family is very important for each of us, it shapes our characters, and reflects our personality. If you want to know deeply about your partner, learning about the family can be a good start. You can ask how many siblings they have, how close they are to the family, if they meet often and if the family is important to them. You can find a lot about your partner just asking about their family!

3. If you won 1 million dollars in a lottery, what would you spend for ?

This is a fun question to give you a clue what matters the most to the person. Maybe they want to help fighting against poverty or they want to buy a helicopter or a nice house to live in. Or maybe they just want to be on vacation until money are gone. This question might give you an idea if the person is satisfied with their life or, on the contrary, is looking for some big changes. 

4. If you were on a deserted island, which 3 things would you need the most?

This question will give you an idea about person’s values in life, as well as give you an insight about how the person’s brain works. 

5. What are you proud of?

Ask what they have done and they are really happy about it. Are there some great accomplishments to be known by the whole world or something little to tell only to friends? This question can give you an idea about how confident the person is and if they can put value even in small things. 

6. Is there something you don’t like to eat?

This question can be the opposite to the traditional one “What is your favorite food?”. It is more specific and you can anyway discuss your favorite and unfavorite food, share memories, especially if you are having a dinner date. 

7. What’s been the best year in your life?

This question can bring you a little bit to a deeper level, encouraging reflection and thinking. You can hear a lovely story or maybe that person is still waiting for the best year to come, maybe together with you! The questions above hopefully can make the first date more easy-going and fun. It is anyway better than asking what is your job and what did you do yesterday.

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