It probably comes as no surprise that of all the people who are dating, a considerable portion of them started the relationship at work. It makes a lot of sense though- doesn’t it? Your workplace is the space where you are exposed to people of multiple shades, obviously in addition to the type of people you like. You spend most of your time together and converse quite frequently. That sets a perfect ground for feelings to start budding up.

Doubtful? Let’s highlight some of the facts about workplace or office romance, that came up as an eyer-opener during a survey by Vault.

1. More Than Half of the Employees Have Engaged in Office Romance

Workplace romance does not just impact a handful of people. Vault suggests that 58% of the employees have been into workplace romance. The most surprising fact comes with the finding that 72% of those are aged more than 50 years.

The reasons are pretty clear. Social psychologists say that frequent exposure to someone can multiply the chances of getting attracted. Besides, other factors that play a vital role are:

● Having something in common (that is, work)

● Having additional information about the coworkers that lacks in the online dating platforms or when meeting a stranger during a night out

With office romance, you are at least aware of the potential partner’s traits and know that they are not likely to be a serial killer. That’s not the case with online dating.

2. 31% of the Employees Committed to Having a Random Hookup with a Coworker

For most people who were having a workplace romance, it was love at first sight.

Random hookup happens to be the most common type of workplace romance, accounting for 31% of all. On the contrary, 22% of the employees who had office romance say that it was a long-term, serious relationship. The most striking conclusion is that 18% of these found their spouses at the workplace.

3. Where Does it Start?

26% of the office relationships start between partners who share the same department, 18% commit to finding partners in the nearby offices, and 17% of them while attending happy hours or holiday parties together.

4. Most of the Couples Keep Their Relationship a Secret

It’s not just cheaters who keep their relationship a secret. Most people who participated in an office romance, at least 64% of them, chose to keep their relationship a secret. Of these, while 38% remained utterly silent about their relationship, 36% told only a chosen few. Only 16% of the people were comfortable enough to announce their relationship to the world, including their superiors.

Apparently, as 75% of the people believe that office romance didn’t affect anyone, it’s probably true that they didn’t know about it in the first place.

5. Almost Half of the Employees are Unaware of the Company’s Policy Regarding Office Romance

While fifty-nine percent of the employees were well-aware of their organization’s policies on office romances, a whopping number of 41% wasn’t. Clearly, either corporate is dropping the ball when it comes to workplace romance, or most likely, there is no policy for the same, at all. With more than half of the employee strength giving a green signal to workplace romance, organizations can lay out some rules and regulations to guide them about how to pursue romance while being professional.

6. Almost Three in Four (72%) of the Employees Would Participate in Office Romance Again if Given a Chance

Clearly, trends in favor of office romance are not going to take a backseat anytime soon. As high as 72% of the employees agree to participate in an office romance if ever given a chance. Statistics apparently suggest that the workplace is still at the highest spots for people who are looking for romantic partners.

What Does It Mean for You?

Arguably, when you spend most of your time together, falling for one of your colleagues, is inevitable. While you can’t really control how your heart reacts to someone or the other, you can definitely make things worthwhile by opening up for your feelings. After all, the pretty girl who happens to be your dream girl may also be the same for someone else.

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