Telling someone that you love them can be daunting.

You just don’t face the fear of losing them forever if the feelings aren’t mutual, but you’re also afraid of being hurt.

Not anymore. Eureka is here to help you. Want to know how?

Check these five surprising ways in which Eureka makes expressing your loveless stressful.

1. Single-tap Feature that Lets You Open Up

It would often happen that you have your crush’s contact number saved on your phone, but you wouldn’t have the courage to let them know how you feel. Thanks to Eureka, you can now get rid of that agony. 

With Eureka Love App’s single-tap feature, you can express your feelings with just one tap. All you have to do is save their number on your phone, download the Eureka app for your iOS or Android device, and tap the Heart icon in front of their name. 

2. Unveil Only After Match

The worst part about opening up is that sometimes, you lose your crush’s friendship when the feelings aren’t mutual. That doesn’t just deprive you of a beautiful love life, but also takes a toll on the friendship that you two share. Thanks to Eureka, you can now open up without risking your friendship. 

Eureka will only notify your crush about your feelings if they too tap the Heart icon in front of your name. 

3. Invite Your Crush to Join the App

Your crush doesn’t use Eureka? 

Not a problem. 

Eureka lets you invite your contacts to the app by email and text messages. Just choose the contact from your contact list and send an invite. And then, wait till they join you. 

4. Only Meet Genuine People

Nothing hurts more than being annoyed by creepy people and exposing yourself to all kinds of emotional abuse. And that’s something that happens all too often with online dating

Eureka, however, is different. It only allows your profile to be visible to the people who’s contact number is saved on your phone. It only notifies you about the people who have expressed interest in you, when the interest is mutual. 

Therefore, you aren’t just safe from annoying people but are operating in a highly secured dating environment. 

5. Eureka allows You to Know Your Crush Better

Admit it: When you love someone, you’re curious to know them in and out. 

With Eureka’s intuitive profiles, you can know everything about your crush and enrich your understanding. 

Begin Your Love Life Today!

Eureka is amazing. We don’t claim it, our hundreds of users who have jump-started their love life using Eureka, say so. And if you want to join the league, then download Eureka today, and get going.