Dating in college is different. There’s no concept like one-size-fits-all and you are ready to explore, experiment, grow, and figure out what kind of partner you really need. And all this can happen whether you want to enter into a casual relationship or a serious one.  Dating during college may be the first time for many people in which you’re experiencing dating at all. College offers newfound freedom, a fresh start, and the opportunity to meet new people; in other words, it’s the ideal time to make the most of dating. And since you’ll likely be living with or right by your friends, you can immediately go to their dorm rooms after an exciting date or hookup to divulge the full scoop. So read on for more reasons why dating in college is truly the greatest time.

#1. You can Use Your Extra-curricular as a Reason to Ask People Out

If you are someone who avoids asking out another person, your extra-curricular can give you a perfect excuse for snagging that date. While most of the institutions allow students to take get a friend along to the event, you can use this as an opportunity to be more adventurous and brave. What else? You can discover each other’s personality and figure out if you can get along well in the future.

#2. Coffee Dates at Any Time of the Day

Unlike work-life, the college schedule is not restricted within the time range of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students can really stretch their time and make space for something they like doing. That gives a perfect opportunity for someone to spend time together and allow magic to weave. You can quickly schedule a date in-between classes for a quick meet-up with someone or probably go on weekday dates just as easily as weekends.

#3. There Can Be More Understanding

If you can’t figure out where you are heading with a person, but can’t tell why you can easily handle the situation whipping out “I’m busy with XYZ assignment”. And they’ll probably understand, and meanwhile, you can find out the root cause.

#4. You have the same breaks as the people you’re dating, which works to easily schedule vacations together

If things get serious with someone, you could go visit their family during Thanksgiving, winter, spring, or summer breaks. Also, you two can plan your own getaway and choosing when will be pretty easy — no major unforeseen work conflicts can happen when the school semesters dictate your life’s agendas.

#5. You’ve experienced each other’s baggage firsthand

When you meet someone later in life, you have to explain that your career perspective required you to leave the town or your parents were super strict, so you have some issues. When you’ve been dating since your teen years, he just knows that stuff. You share the good and bad memories together, and it creates an insane bond between you two.

Take-Home Message

Whatever you do during college dating-wise, enjoy the time you have in which your financial responsibilities are minimal, you’re surrounded by friends constantly, and party-hopping on the regular is pretty standard. You won’t have that time forever, so soak it up while you can. Now that you have Eureka by your side, you can transform your college crush into an awesome date. All you need to do is download Eureka from AppStore or Google PlayStore, and leverage single tap functionality to express your love.