Red flags!!!

You may be too much into your crush, but they may not really be. Imagine wasting a few more months of your life only to know “They too were not the one”.

Feels like Deja vu?

Well, we are here to save you as we list down four signs that you need to keep an eye on. 

Here we go!!!

1. They Don’t Seem to Get Over With Their Ex

Ex – “Peculiar creatures who simply don’t understand the meaning of moving on”. And it gets worse when your date too doesn’t want to get over with it. Rather than talking about the relationship they are in, they keep bringing their ex to each conversation, discussing everything about them. 

Imagine the situation: you are furious and sitting there while listening to your date telling you how their first date with the ex was like.

Jokes apart, while lending your shoulder seems to be a good choice initially, it gets frustrating in the long run. This is more painful when it’s because your partner is crying for their ex. 

Clearly, your date is not in the right state of mind to date you. Make sure they don’t rush into this relationship for the sake of it. In adverse conditions, it’s better to let your self-respect take over the newly found love.

2. They Don’t Seem to be Available

Serious dates begin with lovey-dovey mood, round the clock messages, too many plans, and open weekends. While that seems phenomenal only in the beginning, that’s enough for you to understand how interested are they in you. It’s okay to be busy at times, but if they are constantly M.I.A., take it as a sign that they are not just on the same page as you. 

It may also be a case that they have different priorities than yours. Probably it’s work, hobby, or pet, etc. However, if they are willing to take the relationship further, they will be able to give dating the time and attention it requires. 

3. They Think About You Only at Night

Midnight texting is fun, but only when it’s the right time and mood. In case, they are more available at night or only realize your existence at that particular moment, you really really need to look for those red flags. 

You can look for early signs when they only text you to “come over” often. Identify these signs as quickly as possible to meet the quality partner. If it is the case, you are probably wasting your time. 

4. They Keep Bailing at the Last Moment

It’s okay to overlook flakiness, or explain it away as someone being too busy. And that can be a case as well. However, if that keeps happening, you can be sure that the person isn’t taking the relationship too seriously. 

If they don’t give space to you in their priority list, it simply means they are leaving options in case something [else] comes along. And who would like to deal with a situation like that?

Red flags? Not anymore!!!

Even though you can look for these four signs, you need to be careful enough. They may be seriously busy sometimes and so can you. They can be calling you at night and yet be very serious. Make sure you don’t jump to conclusions too fast, otherwise you might end up being the culprit to kill an outstanding relationship. 

Can you think of something similar in your current date? Let us know in the comment section or drop us an email. We would love to hear from you!