Strong relationships don’t happen overnight and automatically. Simply believing it to be the best relationship ever because you guys are madly in love, is no justification to pay less attention to the relationship. Although love is the foundation of a relationship, love is not enough. In order to foster a healthy relationship, both parties have to be willing to work for it and put efforts. 

Putting these ten tips will great appease any hardship ahead in your relationship. Let us elaborate each of them and guide you to a healthy relationship. 

1. Try Not to Focus on Trifles

Before you pick a fight, wait. Analyze the situation and make sure you are not fighting over something unworthy of attention. Generally, a seemingly minor problem is a manifestation of a bigger problem. Simply talk about what actually bothers your mind, instead of getting angry about loud music. As simple as that.

2. Share, Share and Share

No matter what feeling it is – good or bad, if it bothers you make sure it reaches to your partner. Your hopes, your fears, your passion, everything. Introduce your real self to your partner. Find some time each day to talk about each other and things that matter to each of you as an individual. Opening up to your partner makes the relationship deeper.

3. Be a Friend to Your Partner

Treat your partner as you would treat a good and trusted friend: with respect, consideration, and without judgment. Pave the way to create a sense of confidence that enables them to be comfortable around you, and encourage them to do the same. Respect each other’s personal space. It will go a long way to stimulate a stronger relationship

4. Resolve Arguments on Priority

Couple fights are common and inevitable. The key to a happy relationship lies in how well you can resolve those conflicts. Don’t fall prey to the win/lose dynamics. Consider disagreements as a problem you need to solve, not a battle where one army has to defeat the other. Avoid the blame game. Take charge by replacing “i” and “you” with “we.”

5. Don’t Miss an Opportunity to Show Affection

Making out is one thing. But getting your affection being felt is priceless to maintain the spark in your relationship. Holding hands, a hug, simple words of praise or anything that demonstrates your attention goes a long way to create a deep connection and sense of trust. Further, if you feel attention-deficit, make sure to convey it to your partner in the most respected and lovable form. 

6. See the Brighter Side

Positivity instills an aura of happiness in a relationship. Understand that each one of us is a “work in progress. We grow through the negatives to win on our demons. Don’t be a challenge to your partner’s endeavor. That said, it’s not also good to ignore the vital things. In case the problem doesn’t resolve after some time, try talking it out. 

7. Be Supportive

Nothing kills a positive spirit like a negative or absent response to something you are too excited about. Make sure you don’t take the happiness off your partner’s mind by being less responsive or not lending an ear. 

8. Translate Feelings into Actions

“Actions always speak louder than words.” 

Expressing your love by doing things that your partner values bears more weight than just saying “I love you.”

9. Respect Each Other while Arguing

It’s too tempting to use all the ammunition you have in the heat of battle. But have you ever thought it leads you to nowhere? Don’t forget to maintain the beauty of the relationship by being respectful even while arguing. 

10. Give What You Expect

If you seek more attention, give it. If you need more time, find time for your partner. No matter what it is, if you need it, make sure to provide the same to your partner. That way, you will convey your demands better and make your partner feel secure and protected.


In order to have a flourishing relationship with your partner, each of you has to invest yourself in the efforts. More importantly, it requires both of you to commit to the working towards it. Start today by following the 10 tips given above. If you think of some more tricks that we are missing out, let us know.